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Dara Thailand – Inpatient Rehab Healing At Its Most Effective


Beating dependence is a challenge that must be met head on. There are a variety of treatment options open, but it is generally acknowledged that inpatient rehabilitation establishments offer the most effective route to long term sobriety.

Treatment overseas must be taken into account:

It is important to understand that this form of healing does not need to be carried out in your own country, indeed, there are many advantages to choosing overseas rehabilitation establishments.

One country with a solid history and a continually growing reputation for inpatient rehabilitation treatment is the beautiful Kingdom of Thailand.

This review will explain why more people than ever before are considering treatment here and focus on what Dara Rehab, the country’s premium establishment for those with dependence issues of any kind has to offer:

Why Thailand?

Settings ranging from mountain retreats to idyllic palm-fringed beaches offer ideal environments for dependence treatment.

Couple this with luxurious accommodation, comprehensive facilities, internationally approved treatment methods and prices that are extremely affordable and you have a perfect platform to commence healing.

Dara Rehab Thailand

Dara were the first to establish a luxury rehab resort back in 2008. During almost 2 decades of healing they have added a 2nd establishment and continue to go from strength to strength.

Through innovation, enterprise, energy and a huge commitment to helping those with dependence issues Dara have created serious worldwide respect amongst the global rehabilitation community.

Below are just some of the key reasons why Dara is Thailand’s premier rehabilitation establishment of choice.


Their flagship location is situated in the Gulf of Thailand on the beautiful island of Koh Chang (Elephant Island). The island is part of the stunning Mu Ko Chang National Park, 70 percent of which is marine.

Peaceful, palm-fringed beaches, crystal clear water teeming with sea life and sparkling coral blend perfectly with an interior of jungle and rain forest offering tempting waterfalls and a varied wildlife population.

Their newer mainland establishment is nearby in Chanthaburi. This calm, scenic rural town is known as ‘The City of the Moon’ and is held in high regard for the delicious tropical fruits, tasty seafood, a wide array of gemstones and deserted beaches along its coastline.

Accommodation and facilities:

Dara’s flagship rehabilitation establishment on Koh Chang is the largest facility in the Kingdom and covers 23 Rai (36,800 square metres). It’s mountain top location overlooking sparkling blue waters is extremely conducive to healing.

The Chanthaburi establishment is nestled in a calm, rural town setting and offers the ideal environment for reflection and healing.

Koh Chang offers 40 private villas which are categorized into standard, deluxe and executive while Chanthaburi gives 16 private deluxe and executive suites.

They all provide air-conditioning, en-suite bathrooms, refrigerators, cable TV, DVD players and Wi-Fi, while comprehensive facilities across both locations include relaxing garden areas, swimming pools, fitness facilities, yoga and meditation rooms, DVD and book libraries as well as relaxed, convivial communal dining areas where healthy meals are served at set times.

Staffing and duration of stay:

Dara employs an impressive amount of full time staff across both locations which includes a very healthy number of internationally qualified therapists and counsellors.

These fully committed professionals firmly believe that mutual respect and individual attention between themselves and each client is one of the keys to successful treatment.

They offer clients the choice of a 4, 8 or 12 week stay along with a unique, no obligation, 7 day ‘first steps program’. This is for clients who are initially hesitant as to what an inpatient stay entails and the treatment involved.


Based on extensive experience of dependence issues Dara have created 2 trademark treatment methods. These are ‘Steps to Recovery’ which is a 12-step program, and their ‘Integrated Treatment Model’. This incorporates key aspects of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

Both highly structured programs combine physical, social, psychological and spiritual healing through individual and group based activities.

The Dara team are also fully aware of another crucial aspect of healing. Many clients are battling with multiple issues and to this end they also offer highly effective Dual Diagnosis Treatment.

Stimulating outings and camaraderie:

A refreshing part of the Dara healing experience is the camaraderie that is quickly established between clients. Those receiving treatment come from a wide range of backgrounds with varying dependence issues, but one common goal is shared; a mutual desire to put dependence behind them.

This camaraderie is further strengthened by weekly excursions that involve such things as adventure activities, visits to local landmarks and markets offering authentic handmade wares.

Highly effective – Extremely affordable:

It would be quite natural to assume such services and treatment would be beyond many peoples reach, but the reality is exactly the opposite.

This is due to Dara’s passionate founders. Their strong belief is that addiction treatment should be available to anyone in need. They also fully understand prohibitive cost will exclude many from receiving desperately needed treatment.

To this end, they have kept costs to an absolute minimum and two examples are the 7 day ‘first steps recovery’ program that comes in at just US$1,995, and the fact they have subsidized the cost of a 4-week, all-inclusive stay by over 60%.

This means that rather than the standard price of US$ 15,000 this now costs just US$ 4,995.

Start the healing process today – Dara contact details:




Direct to Thailand: +66871407788

Toll-free from:

United States: +18553000594

United Kingdom: +448081687072

Australia: +611800583325

Addiction Treatment Tips

Drug or alcohol addiction is considered a disease. Addictions should not be perceived as a moral weakness or lack of willpower. But they can destroy your life. Treatment can help you manage your addiction and offer skills you need to rebuild your life. Here are some addiction treatment tips that can make the process easier.

Best Addiction Treatment Tips

Prioritize Your Recovery

Focus on your recovery and work with trained persons to help you identify suitable treatment options. Professionals can also guide and support you through the treatment process. Recovery can be a difficult phase, making support critical.

Work or Volunteer

Find a job or volunteer opportunity to keep you busy. Responsibilities take up your time and this makes it difficult to engage in negative activities. Working with fellow addicts can be especially fulfilling because it allows you to focus your energy on helping people overcome their weaknesses.

Slow Down

Recovery takes time and requires commitment. Take things slow and try to avoid any old habits or thoughts that can interfere with your treatment. Identify relaxation techniques such as taking a walk or playing your favorite sport to help you avoid negative thoughts.

Share Your Feelings

Addiction can isolate you from family and friends and this can affect your recovery. Communicate to your loved ones about any challenges you may be facing. This may not be easy to begin with but they can be a great support system. Sharing allows you to remain focused and motivated during the recovery period.

Change Environment

Addiction treatment can only be successful when you are in a healthy environment. Move to a different town or neighborhood to get away from bad influence. A toxic environment can make it difficult to recover from your addiction. Surround yourself with positive experiences and people. Look for activities and events you can engage in to stimulate both your mind and body.


Physical activity can offer several benefits for an addict. Sign up for a gym membership and attend sessions a few days each week. You can also walk or jog for about an hour. Exercise offers a great way to improve your physical and mental health. It will relax you and allow you to focus on your treatment goals.

Eat Healthy

This will enhance your mental and physically healthy. Addiction recovery can have a significant impact on the body and this makes proper nutrition vital. Hydrate and eat healthy foods to give your body the strengths it requires to heal from the addiction.

Find Support Groups

Addiction treatment is more successful when you have support from people going through similar situations. The group can be especially helpful when you are struggling with recovery. You can discuss your challenges and find an individual you can be accountable to. This can make it easier to stay away from your source of addiction.

Addiction treatment can work if you find the right program and have adequate support. You need social and emotional support to overcome challenges during recovery. Use these addiction treatment tips to get your life back on track.